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Art. COP01781

Complete tank cover

Fiberglass with carbon fiber
Effetto alluminio spazzolato

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€ 349,00

€ 314,10

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Ideal for customising and painting. Protects the tank in the event of a fall.

A new line designed and developed by Flamingo Corse Bike for those who are looking for a top-quality product that is also extremely easy to assemble. This new line is made with double-layer material and reinforced with carbon in the areas subjected to greater stress, such as screw holders, fasteners and, in general, all those areas subjected to a greater load.

It does not require any modification since it can be easily screwed into the original slots.

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Coperchio serbatoio cover GP Streetfighter V4 effetto alluminio spazzolato Flamingo Corse Bike

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