Art. CAR01770
DUCATI V4 / S 2020>2021 V4R

Complete plus model track/racing SBK fairing set original frame

Tissue fiberglass with carbon fiber enhancement

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€ 790,00

€ 695,20

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Fairings made by Flamingo Corse Bike for those who are looking for a top-quality product that’s easy to fit. This new range of spare parts is made using a double-layer woven fabric. It is also reinforced with carbon at those points undergoing great stress such as screw holders, fasteners, and in general, any point subjected to high loads.

Please Note: they use original aerodynamic supplements or ones made by us.

It is delivered ready for installation without making any modifications to the motorcycle.

Product videos

Montaggio canale aria cupolino racing SBK Ducati Panigale V4R V4S Standard

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