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Complete road fairing kit "So far so fast"

Fiberglass with carbon fiber
Dressing Passion
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"Special edition only eleven pieces" 11

The "So far so fast" project is the result of the collaboration between Flamingo Corse, leader in the manufacture of motorcyle kits, and sak_art design (, a well-established company in the motorcycle design field. This collaboration resulted in the "Dressing passion" line, specifically designed for the creation of unique, tailor-made, exclusive graphics, entirely made with handcrafted methods.
Each graphic element, logo and writing is handcrafted.
Each creation, from the first to the eleventh, just like the 11 letters that make up the name "So far so fast", is created as a "unique piece" by authentic Italian "hands and eyes".
None of the kits will be the same as any of the other ones in the same series, each of them will have small peculiar features that distinguish it. It is tailor-made craftsmanship applied to motorbikes.
A craftsman is not only someone who works with his hands, but also someone who does his job skilfully, paying great attention to detail, with strong commitment and enthusiasm.
This is the philosophy behind the creations within the "Dressing passion" line.
Daytona International Speedway, 11 March 1977. Cook Neilson wins for the first time ever in Daytona on a Ducati. After 36 years, that iconic silver-blue livery still represents a major landmark for all the Ducati lovers all over the world. Our Limited Edition kit, with only 11 numbered specimens, was inspired by this incredible event, rich in motorcycle passion and culture. This graphic concept was created following the outline of the magnificent Panigale and has its origin in the silhouette of the Daytona track, an icon for thousands of enthusiasts all over the world.
The silver-blue glittery shades are inspired by the original colours of Cook Neilson's Ducati Supersport, and give the Panigale a sporty yet elegant look.
The colour features of all the elements in the kit are inspired and highlighted by the red lines characterising the Daytona track.
Here is a detailed description of the graphics, starting from the front:
the nose cone is characterise by two blue curved stripes that start at the front cowl and converge around the two light units. Over the left light unit you can find the silver logo "So far so fast by sak_art design". The two blue stripes then embrace the fairings, whose central area is highlighted by the Daytona track layout integrated within the specially-designed Ducati logo. On the right, the graphics embrace the clutch and exhaust manifold creating a lower section with the integrated sak_art design logo. This pattern is repeated on the left side, where the lines follow the air intakes creating a curvy design embracing the exhaust silencer. The beautiful tank cover allows not to alter the original tank and, what is more, guarantees maximum consistency and fluidity of the graphic layout.
The two blue areas at the sides, with the silver Ducati logos, are inspired by the layout of the 1970s Ducati tank. A central curvy stripe, at the middle of which you can find the tank plug, report the project wording, thereby underlining the exclusiveness of the creation: So far so fast - Limited edition series, handmade painting. The progressive serial number and the sak_art design/Dressing passion/Flamingo Corse logos complete the design.
Finally, in the tiny tapered tail cowl, the blue number plates with a silver inscription in the lower part paying tribute to the event that inspired this limited series: "March 11th 1977 First ever Daytona victory".
"So far so fast", a new design for the "Dressing passion" line.
sak_art design 28/10/2013

Carene stradali vetroresina tessuto rinforzate carbonio Ducati 899 1199 Panigale
PANIGALE "SO FAR SO FAST" DRESSING PASSION by Flamingo Corse & sak_art design
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Complete road fairing kit "So far so fast"
Fiberglass with carbon fiber - Red base
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